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Need some help?

Do I need a license to operate your EWPs (Elevating Work Platforms)?
While it is not required by law in NZ we strongly advise that you do have one. On many commercial sites a license will be required to meet with safety guidelines.
Do you give a discount for long term hire?
Yes we do. If you need our machines for a long period of time please contact the team who will be happy to accommodate your needs.
What happens if I damage the Digger?
Please notify the team at Flexhire A.S.A.P in the event of machine damage. In the event of a vehicle roll over please make sure you place your and others safety first and worry about the machine second. Turn the engine off and call 111 in the event of serious injury. Phone Flexhire as soon as possible and report the incident.
Do you offer weekend rates?
Yes we do, contact the team for more information.
I need the machine delivered, which is just around the corner from your yard, does this change transport costs?
Yes it will, we can offer customized pricing to suit your specific needs when hiring with Flexhire
Can I open a Trade Account?
Yes you can, on request we can send you our application and Terms & condition and have you set up in the same day.